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Jump into Ottawa's largest and most immersive room escape adventures! You have one hour to save the world from a fearsome villain, discover ancient magic with a master wizard or survive the night in an evil killer's remote cabin. That's not all! View our rooms below to see all the scenarios available.

Escaping will rely on your team's ability to communicate, work together and problem solve. Room escapes are a great team-building exercise, as well as a fun day out with friends & family or for a hands-on birthday party!



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Celebrated wizard, Melvar the Mystic, has been experimenting with a new type of mysterious magic... Unaware of its true power, the spell was so strong that he's trapped himself in another dimension.

As his trusted apprentices, it's up to you to follow the trail of magic and reverse the spell before he's lost there forever! 



Geological genius Dr. Jackson reported some strange discoveries at an old mining site, but hasn't been heard from since his last contact with the surface...

Your team must delve into the mine to discover what happened to the doctor and his findings, before radiation exposure and cave-ins get you first.

OBK Image - Edited.jpg


In a world where the Z-Virus has turned the human race into hordes of walking undead, a group of survivors has joined together to search for a cure in a long abandoned laboratory.

However, the last working satellite only provides one hour to transfer the cure data before their lifeline is severed...


A string of disappearances have plagued a sleepy mountain town, with the locals whispering of witchcraft and rituals.

Your team has formed the task force in charge of tracking down the victims and after a long search, you set up camp and try to get some sleep. Only when you wake up does the nightmare truly begin. 


A mysterious tip had led you to the subterranean bunker of your sworn enemy - Dr. Boom. 

The fate of the world rests on you and your team foiling his devious plan, but venturing inside will almost definitely be a trap. Will you be able to outwit your enemy and escape with his plans?


You're on your last pizza delivery of the night, and walking along the darkened alley, you find the customers house with the lights off and seemingly deserted.

Another returned pizza could cost you your hard earned dough and worse, your job. The stakes are high and your boss needs you to deliver under pressure. 

Fade Block BG.png


The Nebula, a deep-space research station, is under threat from a cluster of incoming asteroids. Your team must remotely access the station and move it, before it's too late.

In our first virtual online escape game, your team will take on this challenge, all from your computers at home!


Online Escape Experience


Room is wheelchair accessible.

Beginner Icon.png

Beginner Escape available.


We are located in the same facility as Archery Games! Dodgeball meets archery in this fast paced game that will get your adrenaline pumping! Join public games with other players, or reserve the entire arena for your group.

Want to take on a room escape and play combat archery for a day of brains & brawn? Take advantage of our combo deal! Just $50 per person to play both activities on the same day. Contact us today to arrange your combo deal.

You can also visit Playback, our in-house games bar to keep the fun going! Relax after your room with a few drinks from the bar, as well as 4 different free to play games. Playback is a 19+ venue, please check their opening hours before planning a visit.

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